Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captain America Movie Review

I just finished watching Captain America at Greenhills. I give the movie 10 out of 10. It is entertaining from start to end. Though the story is a bit linear, but they were able to keep my attention. :) I loved the cinematography of the movie, they had some pretty awesome shots of different explosions. And how they edited Chris Evans' body is pretty interesting. Characters were awesome as well! Several quotable quotes were shared. I especially like the idea behind why Roger was chosen to undergo the said life changing experiment - its the scene in the barracks.

As a kid I never really noticed Captain America from the rest of the superheroes our there (superman, spiderman, batman). I always thought he was just a "strong average" man with a shield. Didn't really know his background and personality. But after watching the film, I grew a great respect for the character they call Captain America. The values he possessed and the outright passion he has for "what is right" is truly inspirational. It challenges me to actually review what kind of person am I. The most memorable scene that I had from the movie was when there was a 'grenade" thrown to the troops and Roger (Capt America) actually covered his body over the grenade... willingly sacrificing his life without even thinking twice; on the other hand, all of the "bigger" men, rushed away from the "grenade". It really made such an impact to me, making me wonder what values are governing my life. Am I the "Roger" kind? Or am I the "Save my own" kind of person?

I now have a very profound respect for the hero. I am certainly eager to watch the upcoming Avengers movie. Til then! See you in the movies.