Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cafe Juanita Review - West Kapitolyo

Cafe Juanita is definitely a hidden gem in manila. Besides the numerous awards that it achieved, its interior is surely something you will never forget. FEAST FOR YOUR EYES. It contains a lot of colors, artifacts, and event the lighting of the place seem surreal. I even thought of having a photoshoot here, the colors are so alive.

But more importantly the food in this place is awesome. I give it 9.5 out of 10. This was an unplanned trip so   I (with Ren) just had a quick breakfast. We had the already cooked chicharon as a snack while waiting for our food. I also took the liberty to take pictures of the place. The waiter Mike told me that the upper room can be reserved for big gatherings without charge. (how cool! I might have my birthday here) Then a couple of minutes later, our first dish called "MOLO" (beef soup) was served. Ren and I shared one serving but it was so thick and meaty that we were full with just one shared serving. The taste was interesting and I liked every single spoonful. Next we had the "PINOY RATATOY" (Ratatouille), they mixed it up a bit such that it looked like minced veggies. Again it was surprisingly new, the taste was something i haven't tasted before. It contained a very strong salty taste that we had to order rice so balance it out. With rice, it was perfect. The very short meal we had in Cafe Juanita really filled us up, even it was just 2 shared dishes. People didn't go wrong recommending me this place. I loved my experience and i will definitely come back for more.

Til then! Happy trippin!