Monday, August 15, 2011

Humane Society International -mailed in tattoo

I have supported the Humane Society International in their campaign for Cruelty- Free 2013 which aims to ban the sale of animal tested cosmetics in the European Union. By simply signing the petition in this site: . Not only am I proud and happy to be able to help animals, they even sent me a free 'End Animal Testing' temporary tattoo. Which was actually worn by fabulous celebrity supporters Leona Lewis, Ricky Gevais.

Did you know that animal testing for cosmetics is actually banned in the European Union? But the products and ingredients tested on animals in countries like the US, China and Brazil continue to be sold in EU shops. Thousands of animals, rabbits, guinea pigs and mice are still subjected to cruel and inhumane experiments. Imagine this animals are being forced to swallow cosmetic chemicals or even have these dropped into their eyes.
Humane Society International is campaigning hard to persuade EU policy makers to take action. A Europe-wide ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics is hopefully to come in 2013 with everyones help, where ever part of the globe we are in .
The Cruelty Free 2013 petition would ensure that EU politicians are left in no doubt that caring consumers want shop shelves to be cruelty- free.
note: expect your mail in 2- 4 weeks.


Helen said...

Hi Jeatte! Saw your blog thru FB. :) I wrote a paper about animal testing way back in college so I did some research about it. Kawawa yung animals, they would drop cosmetics directly to their eyes to see if it would irritate their eyes, and sometimes it would cause the animal's skin to burn. Animal testing is so bad, and I am against it too. :(

Jcbi said...

Yeah... Poor animals. Even though they said it is needed for development, we cant help but empathize with the animals. :( its really a hard and complicated decision.