Sunday, August 7, 2011

Korea Garden Review - Jupiter St, Makati

I went to Korea Garden to try out their signature dinner set yesteday lunch. I went there with Ren, Nette, and Rich. (great company, food lovers!) Pictures to follow.

Korea Garden has a lot of awards ranging from 2002-present. It claims to be the benchmark of Korean food in the Philippines. The award that captured my attention the most is that it is one of Manila's Best Kept secrets. I've been to a couple and i cant wait to try all of them out.

I bought this deal from DealGrocer that includes:
Rice, soup, kalbi chim, bulgogi, chap chae, makchi bokkum, mandu, slices of pineapple. It was a very scrumptous meal. Really had me full after a few dishes served.

Place: Crowded but its expected since its an asian restaurant. parking is also tough.
Service: Fast and very friendly staff/waiters
Overall - 8 out of 10. I didnt have a bad aftertaste. And food was served warm.
Korean Side Dishes - very yummy especially the KIMCHI. just the right flavor.
Rice - warm and soft. Good.
Soup - very warm and light.
Kalbi Chim - very sweet stew. Meat was very tender. Very rich in taste.
Bulgogi - served in a hot ware, it was tender and tasted just right. contained the right
amount of saltiness and sweetness.
Chap Chae - very light and not much taste. But i loved that it didnt taste artificail.
Makchi Bokkum - loved the spicy octopus! it has a vrey sweet yet still spicy tatse. The
octopus was cooked just right, chewy yet crispy at the same time.
Mandu - warm and very yummy dumpling. loved it woth the dip.
Pineapple - very sweet. not cold.

I will defitely go back to Korea Garden and try out their Bibimbap. Til next time!