Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Loop Review - Makati City (Australian Meltique™ Strip Loin Blowout)

The Loop (logo)

As promised this is in relation to my Australian Meltique™ Strip Loin Blowout post. I had this amazing lunch with Ren. We enjoyed this set of meals to celebrate. The Loop is a very sazzy place, they have very modern interior design. The waiters are alert and very well dressed. The place is not that cramped but not too wide either.

The bar

The setup

Oil and Salt - Some condiments

Our lunch consisted of the following:

1. Summer vegetable soupa soup of puréed summer vegetables, with hints of coriander and ginger that will tickle your palates

2. Australian Meltique™ Strip Loin - strip loin with poivre sauce—light gravy made of butter, aromatics and alcohol (most often cognac or brandy). 

3. Chocolate Symphony - moist Valhrona chocolate cake, rich chocolate mousse on a layer of intense chocolate cake, smeared with fruit coulis and caramel sauce, and served with ginger wafer 

Overall rating, 8 out of 10. The soup was filling though its a bit bland. The steak in itself is a bit "fatty" in texture which is quite odd. My steak tasted a bit burnt and the creamy pepper sauce complemented it well to balance out the taste. The absolute winner is the dessert, it is absolutely yummy. A must try! Come check it out.

Happy Tripping!