Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matt 11: 28-30 - My Devotion

These past few days I've been constantly worried and restless. I have been sad in so many ways. I've been feeling as though my life is spinning so fast that I cannot seem to catch up. I have been misunderstood for so many reasons. My concern is being translated as arrogance. Its my constant burden when I see things out of place and I try to solve it. Usually I end up disappointed because things do not end up as planned.

But God reminded me thru Matt 11:28-30 that He is all that I need. Life is indeed cruel and harsh, but my God is not. I know that He cares for me and He will give me strength to move on joyfully in this life on Earth. I have been longing for peace and rest in my life. I know that God has better plans ahead. All I have to do is trsut Him more and let Him intervene in my life more. I've been ignorant, I need to slow down. Slow down and take deep breaths. Our God is awesome and He will provide. He is my rest and He is my peace. All I need is to let Him take the wheel in my life.

I pray that all of us will find peace and joy. Please pray for everyone's joy. Our God is great and He will sustain us. To God be the glory, honor and praise.