Saturday, August 27, 2011

my coupon day! 8.27.2011

The day started out with peppermint tea (Php 100 good for 8 cups) and arrozcaldo with 2 boiled eggs (Php 140 good for two people) for breakfast from ICINGS located at Tomas Morato, QC. the tea was superb! i loved the taste of tea; not too bitter not too plain as well. the arrozcaldo was ok for its price. the servers are attentive and very approachable. the place was very cozy and quiet :)

next stop was dezato mochi located at 100 Donya Hemany St., New Manila QC. The place was small but still ok. i used my crazydeals voucher to redeem two dozens of mochi. while waiting for the order, my partner and i ordered two ice cream mochis (green tea and chocolate flavor). the green tea was so so but the chocolate tasted like it is only made of powdered chocolate. the regular mochis are yummy. soft inside and out implying that the mochis are new! :)

Greenhills. i used my potato corner voucher (from cashcashpinoy) and i was overwhelmed with the serving of the fries! although it was a bargain to get two giga fries for the price of Php149, the fries that was served to us was too oily.

Movie time! Conan the barbarian was so so... but really really violent. there were some PG scenes... out of 10, id rate this movie a 5.5. Oh yeah, until sept 30, you can get a FREE batchoy noodle soup from Freska only by showing your present day movie tix to the store (small serving only though but good for a weather like this... <3 ). only in theatermall and promenade.

Centris Zong Restaurant. i used my Beeconomic voucher worth php1200 for only php600. we ordered roasted specialty sampler (php 468), braised beef tapa (Php 388), wanton noodle soup (php 228), and almond jelly lychee dessert (php 128). the store served us house hot tea which tasted ok but smelled like fish (yes, you read it right FISH). the roast platter consisted of jelly fish, century egg, chicken, asado, suckling pig, and peking duck. dish was oily but for the taste id give it a 6 out of 10. when i saw the braised beef tapa, i was a bit worried because the dish looked burnt; but when i tasted it, it was good. it wasnt hard at all. i give this dish an 8 out of 10. the wanton noodle soup was tasty but because of the big serving, i guess my tastebuds got really bored with the dish. the wanton was filled with mushrooms and shrimp and asado cuts placed in the dished didnt have fat. i give this dish a 7.5 out of 10. lastly for dessert, we ordered almond jelly lychee dessert and it was really bad. with the price of Php128, it is only good for one person PLUS, the presentation was bad. one preserved cherry, very small serving of lychees and the almond jelly was poorly made. i give this dish a 3 out of 10.

it was a very used up day... hehe :) another restaurant review in Taguig... SOON! :)