Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Personal Broker - Are you in need of a personal broker?

Are you like me? Wanted to get into stocks but was not really sure how? Too busy to manage your own CITISEC account? If you answered YES to the questions above, then I have the perfect solution.

I know someone who is very passionate about stocks and the market. He is certified securities representative and is currently tied up with GD TAN & CO., Inc. He is a very honest and cheerful guy who I personally trust my own funds to. I am very pleased with what he has done and is still doing. The main thing I like about him is that he is not GREEDY, he does not let figures get in the way of logic. Which is just why I don't handle my own finances...I get too emotional that it clouds my judgement. He is E. Hao, you can contact him thru 09178901228 or 6375686, 6376254, 6376255. You can mention to him that you read about him in this blog, the last time, he was shocked who was calling him in his mobile. haha. You can discuss services, fees, agreements then. 

To start:
1. Contact Hao via his mobile or office landline.
2. Simply transfer your "allocated" funds to his company's account (RCBC account) and upon sending him your deposit slip, he will then start trading your money in the stock market.
3. Everything else will depend on what you have agreed to.

Try contacting him. He might just be the guy you are looking for. :) 

Also, the good thing here...since he works for GD TAN & CO a brokerage firm, you can actually keep track of your money more easily since Hao is not an independent broker. Also if Hao takes a vacation, someone else can manage it for you if you want (I think). For me, I only let Hao handle it.