Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peta Acting Training Workshop

I attended an acting workshop hosted by Peta this Aug 14. Our instructor was the great mr. Bong. We had different games and activities to hone and be more aware of our own self. It was certainly a very exciting, tiring, fun workshop. I've done things i never thought i could do outside the comforts of my room. hahaha. Actors are really great, it takes a great amount of skill and talent to do what they are doing. I believe this field is definitely something I 'still have a lot of rice to eat'. But it is no doubt fun and i would like to challenge myself further if given the opportunity. hahaha.

Learned the following:
1. Elements of art -color, texture, rhythm, voice, etc.. These are all applicable in all various forms of art like dance, visual arts, drams,
2. parts of the stage - most important parts are the dead center and center downstage. The stage is always labeled from the artists perspective.
3. make distorted angles. they make more dynamic movements.
4. do not form a straight line on the stage. avoid the "firing squad"
5. Always take into consideration the blocking. make sure you are seen. The hips and shoulders should be facing the front.
6. Play with your intonation. They mean different when done in another way.
7. Always say YES, AND... never say NO. Because if you say no, that ends the story.
8. Always be witty in words and actions. (esp in improv) Say "yes, BUT...."
9. Be comfortable with who you are. Be proud.
10. It is important to communicate properly with your audience.
11. Acts are meant to be fun and done with people that is why it is called a company. It is important to feel close to the people you work with. If you cant work together, then better stop than to compromise the art at the end.

These are the activities that we did:
1. Asking if a person loves you and if that person says yes, no, or maybe.. you move to your right, ask who do you love instead, move to your left respectively.
2. Calling out a person's name in front of you with different emotions.
3. creating different scenes and items using your body. (ie. dinuguan with puto, couch, shower room, jungle, kalesa, etc..)
4. enactment of the titanic scene
5. asking/assisting a person to look for an item through the use of your thoughts only
6. communicating with your partner thru the use of your eyes and actions (ie. giving an imiginary gift to a person that you have to act out, making the other person laugh, trying to off balance a person)
7. Improv sessions. we were asked to make conflicting arguments with a partner.
8. Playing samson, delilah, and a lion. Objective was to get as much people to your team.
9. Building a scene step by step starting with a pen that can be anything (ie. pen = gun, make up, wand)
10. Signing classic songs and nursery rhymes while dancing
11. Create a scene with a conflict and end it with a song
12. Create a symbol that signifies your group... with the top 3 things you have in your bag or body.

Food we ate (c/o RnR):
1. Jolly Hotdog
2. Krispy Kreme
3. TapaKing meal
4. Kopi Roti Coffee Bun