Friday, August 19, 2011

PiADina Experience

I had this amazing Italian lunch date with my Mentor Pam. :D We had a very nice and 'bargain-ed' meal cause of PAKYAW.COM.PH. An amazing thing worth applauding about PiADina is their 'No Microwave Policy'. They actually make and serve things fresh out of the oven. It was really a full meal. yum! 

Our lunch consisted of the following:

1. Soup of the day - cream of mushroom (2), 
2. Calzone (1)
3. Pasta Arabiatta (1)
4. Pizzette Margarita (2)
5. Iced Tea (2 glasses)
6.  Pana Cotta (2)

Besides that its a good, stuffing meal... everything is just for PHP540. How amazing is that! 

Cream of Mushroom - served warm :)
Pasta Arabiatta - good but it lacks sauce for me
Pizzette Margarita - dry.. :( but tasty.
Calzone - very yummy and stuffing. It has some fillings inside that makes it have that unique wonderful taste.

Pana Cotta - ultimate dessert. yummy! you should try it!
Overall, I will give the whole experience an 7 out of 10. They have good food but personally, I prefer a more saucy type of food. So all the while I was craving for more sauce or even ketchup. Service was good. Food was fast. Try it out yourself, you might have a different experience. Til then!

A happy customer - my mentor Pam. :)