Saturday, August 6, 2011

Powerful Presentation Skills Training - Learning Nuggets

Powerful presentation 

I had this 2 day training that is awesome. It was facilitated by  Ms. Lilet La Vina. She was a banker, but her real heart was teaching and that made her teach english again full time. She is a very bubbly and charming woman. She works at EITSC, have her as your trainer.

Here are my learning nuggets for this training:
1. It is always nice to have a positive attention step or hook. You can start with an interesting fact, benefit or evern a story. Something that catches the interest of your audience. So that at the very start you have already captured them. BUT more importantly, you have to make it PERSONAL. Make your "hook" personal to the audience so that it can be the thing they can take away from your presentation. This idea might just be your selling point.
2. Handouts or any giveaway. Handouts are actually useful and recommended since the audience can be more attentive to your material. They can take notes during your presentation. Ms Lilet actually shared that her style is to create the manual first then she makes her slide, that way her slides are merely a concise version of her manual. 
3. Make sure that your slides are parallel in construction. everything should be in sync and sounds good with each other.