Saturday, August 6, 2011

Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills - Fake it til you make it!
Trainer: EITSC

Have to prepare a slide for 3 minutes. Planning to discuss TFS.
1. Intoduction what is TFS
  Show diagram on MTFS
2. The old vs the new
Talk bout the pros and cons of having the new TFS in place
3. Plans for TFs 2010 Migration

The presenter basics
- POSTURE, look confident before you even do the presentation
- how do you enter a room?
- chin parallel to the floor, feet 4-6 inches apart. Refer to handout
  - when you come in late, just be apologetic but always maintain a confident posture.
- hair pulled back and tied.
- less facial hair for the men
- put a little makeup, to look more polished. Going to make you more confident.
-how we appear to people makes an impression.
- make sure you smell good.
- always carry a mint
- for the men, the white undershirt should not be seen. Dont fold up the sleves
- pants should be well pressed and right length
- for the women, keep your undergarments in place. Dont fix the strap in front of the people.
- shoes are shined and heels are not scoffed. 1-2 inch heel.
- accessorize. watch is always good.
- stand stage left. use the pointer with your open hand. do not cross your hands over yourself.
- move around to emphasize and release nervous genes.
-usually you stand at an angle, then if you want to emphazie a point stand in a square
- you can make your gestures big or small depending on the size of the audience.
- ie. tap on the table, okay sign. Emphatcic gesture
- ie, use your fingers to count. Transitional gesture
- start with an icebreake during trainings.
- drawing things in the air. Descriptive.
- use open palm to point to things, never your finger.
- avoid the fig leaf position.
- avoid looking up, instead make a triangle withyour hands and keep avoid contact.
- leaning forward. decrease the distance between u and your listeners.
- it is always good to have your hands out.
- swaying is distracting, dont tip toe. dont walk too fast.
- make use of the pointer.
- do not use the pointer while your hands are shaking
- clickers are good.
- if you have people who do not listen to you, just look at them and they will listen to you.

**Eye contact gains and holds attention gives feedback, and establishes rapport. Look at the person's nose. Move around the eye and nose area.  by creating an eye contact, it shows sincerity.
*** avoid Visible panty lines.

** Lighthouse technique - make conversations with the early birds. Make them the "ANCHOR"/ "FRIENDLY FACE."

ALways put on a smile or a pleasant expresssion before the start of every presentation. Try to be interested in the person. Acknowledge the presence of the person, make peole feel important.

Smiles have to reach your eyes.

List of words that will slow down your pace, from toast masters.

A presenter is a performer. Even if you dont like it.Practicing makes you more calm.

A person who is presenting, can be dynamic when he masters his material. It is very important to know your material.

stretch the syllables to make it sound more expressive.

Being the expressive means sharing something that you are passionate about. You should always think about how your presentation can help others so that you are motivated to speak up more.

TONE - the tone should be going up and down to exude excitement.

VOLUME - use your vocal cords the right way.
PITCH - lower range voice exudes confidence and credibility.
High pitch voice comes out as angry. You can lower your chin so that your voice comes down. High pitch voice is also associated with immature, young, professional people.

PACE - 180-200 words per minute. pace should be slower than your usual conversation pace. Use the pause and phrase method. practice reading aloud.

The secret to presenting is to show ENTHUSIAM to your subject matter.
Start with the basics then be more attentive to their behavior, then from there you can go into more detail.


Take out emotional words like "unfortunately" to be more assertiveness.

To avoid filers, clap when you hear a filler.

Try omitting the use of 'again'.

P&B - close lips
F&V - teeth and lip
TH - jot your teeth between your teeth