Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real time view of work items in TFS

In TFS there is what you call a TFS datawarehouse. This data warehouse can be set to refresh depending on what you want as the TFS administrator. But there are many implications to this, considerations such as memory and server performance must be weighed.

Just a background, TFS datawarehouse is where our Reporting Services connect. Reporting services gets its data from this data warehouse to populate the reports it will generate. These reports are really neat, it can consist of Bug Rates to customizable reports.

Since as stated earlier, relying on the datawarehouse refresh for real time data is a bit heavy on the server. So as an alternative, you can use these two neat web applications.

1. Visual Studio Team System Web Access - complete version
2. Visual Studio Team System Web Access/ Work Items Only

These two tools are your solution to actually view your work items real time. Try it out!