Friday, August 19, 2011

Typical Rest Day

    Everybody has their own way of winding down after a stressful day.  This is how I celebrate a typical rest day.
  1. Call out sisters or best friends out for a trip
  2.  Drive all the way to Greenhills to enjoy some Flapjacks lovin' :) Our usual orders are:
  3.                           Waffles with butter and lots of maple syrup :)
    Some main dishes to stuff our stomach. Burgers and twisted fries. Really didn't taste spectacular.
    Coffee to warm the heart. This coffee is for my friend. My body does not do so well with coffee.
    Last but not the least, some pancakes to make my day! :) Flapjacks' pancakes are ultimately fluffy and creamy in just the right amount. I will never trade this good company (people I love + food I love) to anything.
  4. Next stop: get some refreshments. In this example, we had some Happy Lemon.
  5.                            Ultimate drink. Green Tea with Rock Salt. Really tasty, its sweet. :)
  6. Some more snacks. In this example, some Xiao Long Pao from Crystal Jade.
  7. Crystal Jade's xiao long pao is undeniably one of the best I've tasted so far here in Manila. The soup inside the bun is made just right such that it contains the right amount of saltiness and sweetness. Also the pork compliments the taste of the soup such that they make a wonderful play in your mouth.
    For me there are two factors that make a Xiao Long Pao awesome (besides the ingredients),
    1. The wrapper - it has to be light yet strong to hold all contents in
    2. Temperature - it has to be warm at the right level so that you can eat it happily
  8. Dessert. Enjoying yogurt is the best way to end it. We usually eat yogurt from Terriyaki Boy, not only is it big but it is also AFFORDABLE. Check it out.
  9. What's your typical rest day like?  :) 


Helen said...

nakakagutom yung post mo! my typical rest day is also a foodtripping day :)

abs said...

let me join on your next rest day! :)