Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What have you done for society? - Habitat for Humanity

As we all know, shelter is a basic human necessity. When it comes right down to major cities, you can see almost all land occupied by tall buildings or houses. But even so, you can see a lot of homeless people walking around the streets begging for home or food. Thinking about multiple storms that pass by our country, I cannot help but feel worried about these people. Earlier today, I had the chance to meet a Habitat for Humanity (HFH) representative. She showed me some documentaries and clippings of what they are doing in HFH. They are building different kinds of infrastructures that help people, like houses and schools.

It really moved me, I realized just how blessed I am with what I currently have. I have a sturdy roof that protects me from the harshness of the weather and it allows me to sleep restfully at night. But more than that, I saw the opportunity and blessing that God presented to me in the form of participating in a HFH event. I saw that besides the financial contribution I can give, I can actually physically take part in changing a family's life. I am really excited for my Build a Home project this coming saturday and I cannot wait to help a family in realizing their dream.

If ever you have this urge to help, or simply a longing for purpose, I recommend you to try doing these kinds of "significant contribution"... not only are you helping others but you are also helping yourself. Do wait for my HFH post soon, I cannot wait to share my experience.

For more Habitat for Humanity details, kindly visit their website.

Til then! Have a great week!