Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zucchini Review - Scout Tuazon

Zucchini Review - Scout Tuazon, Quezon City

Are you a steak lover? Do you want a place where you can slowly enjoy your steak? I know of this very sureal place you can go to. Its called Zucchini. This place has won a lot of awards, like the Philippine Tattler. Zucchini has two branches one in Timog and one in Scout Tuazon. They are currently celebrating their 10th year in the Philippines and they have this on going promo from Aug 11-20, 2011. This promo is called TENderloin steak at 60% off and it comes with free a glass of wine. This particular steak is 200grams and is valued at a discounted price of PHP1, 200. It might still be pricey but I assure you that it is worth every penny. It is about 1 inch thick, super yummy. I will go into detail in the succeeding paragraph.

Overall I give Zucchini 10 out 10 rating. Based from my 2 visits in this place, I have not been disappointed with anything.
1. Place - very impressive setup. Simple yet elegant.
2. Ambiance - lighting is perfect. Yellow and brown. Music is chilled.
3. Waiters - very knowledgable and friendly. Always ready to serve your every call.
4. Food (only the few that i have tried)
a. Apple and Pumpkin soup - I have always been an enthusiast of pumpkin soup and i can confidently say that this is the best pumpkin soup that i have tasted so far. It is thick and creamy.
b. Cowboy Steak (600 grams) - I enjoyed this good meal from a deal from DEALGROCER. I shared this steak with Ren so each had 300 grams of steak. But as usual in the end I only ate about 150 grams and he ended up eating 450 grams. The meat was greatly done, it was matched perfectly with our choice of Bone Marrow Butter and Creamy Pepper Sauce. The meat was really tender and thick that i was full with just 150 grams. It was flavorful. Certainly a treat. We also had zucchini/rice side dish.
d. TENderloin Steak with red wine (200 grams) - Tender and flavorful. Worth every cent spent. Its about 1 inch thick. We had this with Mushroom Sauce, really perfect. The red wine complimented it well and it easily warmed up my stomach.
e. Cheesecake - i had a lot of fun eating this dessert. Not only did it contain a biscuit shaped spoon but it also had a very pleasing plating. It had a tropical fruit that accompanied the cheesecake with offered it a very unique taste as compared to the commercialized cheesecake.

*** One interesting thing that I highly enjoy in their steaks is that it always has this potato slice with a 'Zucchini' marking on it. Fun!

In closing, I highly HIGHLY recommend you try this place if you are a steak lover. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Though pricey but as they said good ingredients come with a good price. I will certainly come here again and try something new. Til then, happy tripping!