Friday, September 9, 2011

Bistro Coron Review - Coron Palawan

Bistro Coron is definitely a go to by tourists and locals alike. We had a tip from a local travelling back and forth to Manila, that Bistro Coron undeniably serves the best pasta and pizza in Coron. That is why of course, we had to try it. I had a very hearty meal since we ate dinner here right after the island hopping. We were all exhausted and hungry. The waiter had quite some smiles whenever the food would be consumed in less than 5 mins upon landing on the table. haha.
Something to consider here is the PRICE. It is quite pricey compared to the other places we have tried. But in terms of location, it is very convenient and traveled to.
Inner Bar

Inner Bar with Bartender
Table Setup
Cute Plates
Yummy! White Sauce Pasta.
Yummy yummy! Pasta with red sauce.

K_____. Coron delicacy. Tasty.

Served with raw eggs! really cool! try it.

Serving Tray for the Pizza.... its the one used in the fast food restaurants in Manila. Its really cool!
Sorry if I was not able to take note of the dish names. But I can tell you that the food is not spectacular or unique, but is definitely a good place to chill and relax. I would give it an overall 8. Try it out. I'm sure you will not regret it. Happy Trippin'! :)