Friday, September 2, 2011

Coron, Palawan - Things to do

I went to Coron, Palawan last August 28-30, 2011. I'd say that Coron is definitely abundant in "GREEN." I love the fact that a lot of its city parts and all islands are green. The locals definitely have a great respect and care for nature. They ensure that all trash are disposed correctly and nothing was carelessly tossed in the water. 

Fresh food all day
Our guide
Mt Tapyas
Monkey for a pet?

Hotel: Coron Hill Top
       Feedback: Very attentive staff, someone is always there to assist you. Rooms are spacious and clean. Though this is really inevitable since Coron is filled with trees, it did have a lot of bugs and lizards.

Hotel: Princess of Coron
        Feedback: Simple, cost effective, complete place to stay it. Cheaper than Coron Hill Top and its just a few steps away from Mt Tapyas. Bed is quite hard but spacious. Offers tour packages and activities like hiking, island hopping, and ATV. Enjoyed my stay here.
Lush Gardens within Princess of Coron grounds
Pool and cottages
Another angle

1. Lunch at Kawayanan Grill
              Food is good and is definitely worth your money. For this lunch, we spent PHP500 per person that includes lobster, octopus, calamares, buko juice, etc.. Do visit my blog post reviewing the food here.

2. Trekking in Mt. Tapyas
              Walking up for more than 700+ steps. At the top is a spectacular view of Coron and a huge cross. The tip here is to bring your own drinks and to go here before 5 PM or else you might end up staying the night on top of the small mountain. Hike will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your pace. There is very low visibility and lighting in this mountain at night. You can also catch the sunrise, below are sample photos taken. Wake up and start hiking by 4:30 AM.

Cemented steps: makes it easy
Big Cross
On top of the world feeling
3. Cashew factory
               Palawan is very well known for their Cashew nuts and what more is more awesome than nuts made fresh. These cashews are being bought by several visitors since they are very well known for their non greasy taste. With just PHP100 you can get a handy pouch filled with freshly made nuts. Do not be fooled by their name, it is not an actual factory but just a small store ran by a sweet lady. Ask the locals and I'm sure you'll find her since she is very well known.

4. Maquinit Hot Springs
               Clean waters. They have changing rooms and toilets. But! Water is a bit too hot, caution for the light headed. One person pays PHP250 for entrance to the hot spring. You can stay for 3 hours, but I assure you it is quite hot, I personally stayed for just 30 mins.
Hotsprings! It can get too hot.

5. Dinner at Coron Hill Top
                Not necessarily the best place to eat since its a bit pricey, but the food is good and served warm. They also serve yummy cocktails. Crabs are not fresh though..:(

6. Breakfast at Coron Hill Top
                Breakfast was good. The Tapa meat was not tough. Longganisa was yummy and tasteful. Tip: They can server hot choco if you request for it.

7. Island Hopping
               Island hopping for PHP700. We went to 7 different spots. CYC beach, Atwayan beach, Ship Wreck, Baraccuda Lake, Siete Picados, Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake.

Used to get from island to island

Having fun with the water and fishes
Amazing view
8. Bistro Coron
              Another favorite of Coron visitors. This place is very well known for their pizza and pasta. I had the opportunity to try both. I can say that both are indeed yummy but not spectacular. Yummy in general. Check out the link for my review.

9. Card Games and Parlor Games
              It is definitely a must to bring game boards or create mini games to establish a fun way to kill some time especially at night.

10. Souvenir shopping
             Coron does not have a very unique set of souvenir's you can bring home besides the cashews. But there are multiple stores selling key chains, shirts, hats, bags, etc..

11. Palawan's Noni Juice
              Palawan's very own honey beverage. It is quite strong, bitter and a little sweet. I bought one in the airport.

12. Biking
               There are a lot of activities you can do in Coron. ATV, hiking, biking: motorcycle or bicycle. Decided to give the bicycle a try since I missed riding it. Little did I know it would be a long ride with uphills and downhills. I ended up walking midway. hahaha.

My rented bike
Me drinking water even before the ride
Riding is hard but FUN
My regrets: Next Coron trip will cover Pawikan sightings! And not getting the photos from my other Coron trip. :(( 

Anyway, at least I hope it gives you a glimpse on what you can do at Coron. Happy tripping!