Sunday, September 18, 2011

Faburrito Review - Columns, Makati

There's a new fabulous HEALTHY place that just opened up in Ayala Columns. Its called FABURRITO. Luckily while I was passing by Columns, I saw this cute little wood-themed store. Upon entering, I was amazed by the Gospel songs that were playing. I was really intrigued by the place, they had quite an interesting variety of "choices" to a burrito. I was customer #15. hahaha. Their main attraction was that they are using fresh ingredients that are not using any preservatives. Their goal is provide healthy meals to the people. So I had to try it, I choose a Burrito bowl since I prefer to eat it with a spoon, rather than eat it burrito style. I tried their Mango + Chicken best seller. I am quite amazed with the quantity of food for a PHP275 meal, but then the taste is quite dull. I would have preferred it more if it was served warmer with more sauce.

Mixed Burrito Bowl

Not yet mixed

In conclusion, it was a good filling meal. I would definitely come back to try out their other dishes and probably try out their cute wooden furniture. I am giving faburrito a 7. Taste and presentation is quite unique. The only thing i would add to their current process is to make their food warmer and more saucier. hahaha.

Til then. Happy trippin.