Friday, September 9, 2011

Jollibee's new hashbrown burger


 Jollibee recently launched a new product: HASHBROWN BURGER. I just saw it this Tuesday Sept 6, 2011. I had one from the Jollibee branch in St. Francis.

It is basically 2 hashbrowns with meat patty in between. It is graced with some ketchup. Overall, i would say its a fairly tasty meal but too pricey for itself. Its priced PHP60+ without drinks. At first I was expected something big since the picture in the counter exudes 'heaviness'. But when it was served, i was clearly disappointed with the size and thickness. To add to that, my order was simply too hard. I've never eaten a potato that hard.

Overall, I would give it a 4. I might order it again since i absolutely love potato and people say that its not that hard. Maybe I just had a bad order. Price is still heavy for my pockets. But its still a good quick snack. So my advice is try it out if you are interested, but do not expect much for the size.

Jollibee has its own online Jollibee delivery for your convenience. There is a minimum PHP200 purchase.

Let me know how your experience went. Happy Trippin'.


Helen said...

I wanna try this too. :) Uso na yung hashbrown sa burgers.