Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nomnomnom Review - Quezon City

Found a sweet spot for veggie and innovation lovers. Its called Nomnomnom. Its along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The interiors of this place is very similar to a bedroom. It uses yellow light and has pillows. It has a very light feeling to it. One major con that I experienced here was the mosquito attacks. They were quite a lot. Maybe it has something to do with their location. It is located in a weird spot. But they have a nearby pay parking which is very convenient.

We ordered the following:
1. Pumpkin soup - strong, sticky and heavy taste

2. Fried Ravioli - Yummy. Must try!

3. Enchilada - baked kangKong with cheese. Kangkong is overpowering.

4. VST - cheese+kangkong+mushroom filled tomato. quite tasty. interesting.

It is a fun unique trip since we didn't expect this to be a vegetarian place. Just heard that its highly recommended. So my suggestion is to try it out for yourself. I would give it a 7 based on my experience. Their price is quite reasonable.

For more information:
Menu - quite unreadable
Address: Located at 1 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez Ave. Besides Shell Gas Station.
Open: 12nn-1am, Tuesdays to Sundays. 


Clarisha said...

Hi Jetty! I love Nomnomnom Happy Food! hahaha nakakatuwa kasi un place e :) If you like fried ravioli I recommend going to Friuli Tratoria in Maginhawa Street, near us lang.. masarap din toasted ravioli nila tapos mura din un food, pero maliit lang din talaga un place. un lang! miss u jetty! - Clarky

Jcbi said...

Hi Clarisha,

Wow interesting! I'll drop by when i can. :) Miss you too.

Jcbi said...
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