Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shiro Shiro Review - Roxas Blvd

Had an awesome treat this September! My friend treated us to a Shiro Shiro banquet! We had an Okinawa and Tokyo set. It was really a tasty filling lunch. Happy birthday to my dear friend! Woot woot.

sushi platter

2 kinds of soup

miso soup

"e-wan" soup

tiger prawn maki


grilled fish cake

Fried Ice Cream with a slice of apple - MUST TRY. yummy.
Fried Avocado and Ice Cream. - a bit odd but is a good dessert
House Tea - yummy

Black Ink rice with tempura - MUST TRY. really sweet and salty at the same time.

Sushi Platter - One of each. MUST TRY
 I give my shiro shiro experience an 8. I like the food but I didn't like the quality of service. I just took so long to get an order running. But maybe its just because of our location within the restaurant. But I really liked their salad. Try it out.

Happy Trippin!