Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When is the right time to invest?

This is a common question among people. We always want to invest/save but usually we hold it off since we hear things like 'the market is unstable', 'the iphone is something that will change your life', 'travelling in eygpt is like no other', etc..

This is my belief on how this question needs to be answered: "Now!" There is no perfect time to actually invest. Things always change and inflation just continues to go up. You cannot just sit around and wait for that perfect time to come by. What if that time comes by once and you missed it? You are left waiting then all your life.

There are a lot of investment vehicles out there that can assist you in attaining your wealth growth. You do not have a reason not to invest. Everything just boils down on your own discipline and determination to be better than what you are now. In today's modern world, we cannot be stuck in the traditional method of saving money. Money won't equate or match up to inflation while its in your normal bank deposit or piggy bank. This might have worked in the past but it will never work today.

You need to move now! There is no perfect time to invest. You just have to encourage yourself to do so. I am not saying that you have to do active trading in stocks or currencies aimlessly. It is always a must to do calculated actions.

But to start something great you have to start with an action. start with your own outlook and everything else will follow. If you want an anticipated change to happen in your own life, do something!

Like Anta's tag line: "Keep moving..." That is the only way we will have progress.