Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anonymous : Is Shakespeare a Fraud?

Anonymous dares to ask whether Shakespeare really wrote all those plays, or if he had... a little help. Was he a solitary writing genius, or a businessman running a script factory? Anonymous director Roland Emmerich has 10 theories with which he thinks Shakespeare was a fraud.

#1 there was not a single manuscript or poem was found on his own handwriting, not even a letter.
#2 has daughter that could not even read or write
#3 Shakespeare is not a member of the upper class, but why does he write about aristocracy, life at that content. How is he familiar in their ways?
#4 only hand writing found are 6 shaky inconsistent signatures/legal documents
#5 as writing reflects one's life. he pours his life in his sonnets but never mentions the death of his 11year old son
#6 there are no records that prove that Shakespeare attended Stratford graduate school
#7 retired at his late 40's and returned to his small town, he did not write any sonnet,song...did he ran out of ideas?
#8 No records that he traveled yet his works reference Italian cities and life
#9 before renovations of the Stratford monument, it displays Shakespeare with a sac of grain than a writing tool.
#10 at his last will, he does not mention any books or manuscripts; that he was the author of 36 plays, 154 songs,2 famous plays...did he not care for his life's work?

has these got you thinking as well? be enlightened with Anonymous, in theaters Oct. 28.