Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dad, betta let me fight fish!

My experience in breeding betta fish. and finding the fatherly love of the male betta....
this reminds me of finding Nemo.
The siamese fighting fish or otherwise known as betta is a unique type of a fresh water fish. It is not just from the known fact that these breeds often attack each other (sometimes till death) but have you ever wondered how they multiply if they’ll be fighting all the time?
My mom is a fish hobbyist; our aquarium tanks would often be filled with colorful vivid ornaments and fish. And just beside these tanks, are smaller fish bowls of lonely betta fish. The one usually with the longer flowing fins are the males; the females have the bigger belly (for their eggs) and shorter fins.
Having nothing to do one day, I tried to play with the betta fish. I saw that the bowl of the male betta has bubbles on it and felt disgusted because I thought that who in the right mind spits on fish? I even accused people… anyway, little did I know that betta fish would normally blow out bubbles whenever they’re happy,healthy and ready to mate. :P

Putting the bowls of the male and the female betta beside each other, both of them would be flaring and their gills would almost unfold and their fins are spread out wide. They’d seem ready to battle. And seeing my sudden interest in these fishes, my mom gave me responsibility for them.

I was so intrigued by these fishes, I decided to let them mate. I transferred the male betta into a bigger tank and I introduced the female by putting her in a plastic cup to float atop and avoid being attacked by the male. I waited till the morning and saw that the male had already build his bubble nest. Signaling that it is time to set the female betta free.

Initially, the male was chasing and attacking the female. And the female would swim away and hide behind leaves…

So to put the story short, just when I thought I saw enough,and ready to separate those two again; they coiled with each other. (Shocked) the male is squeezing the female to let the her eggs be released. It was so extraordinary (like live national georaphic) I saw white eggs almost like the size of fish pellets drop off the mom fish. And then the’d let go of each other, the female would seem stiff and not be moving while the male as quickly as he can, swims down, catches the eggs with his mouth and spits it out on the nest to incubate.

I was so baffled. The male continues to coil with the female until all her eggs are expelled. Soon after, I separated the female because she eats her eggs! And the male is the one who tends to the eggs. He doesn’t move much around the tank anymore and he would just be catching the eggs that would fall from the nest and bring it back up.

After a day or two, I saw something like spots on the nest
moving. The eggs have hatched!! And Daddy betta is now taking care of his fries!! And they where so many to count!!
Now, when these betta grow bigger, I would just give them out to people I know who can take care of them. seeing that we wont have enough space to have hundreds of small fish bowls at the house!
just in time for christmas presents! jokes.
For more information on betta visit: there are also numerous videos on youtube about betta.
because i cant seem to upload my photos :( , all the pictures where taken from wikipedia.