Monday, October 17, 2011

Elmo sings for me

I love music and i love it more when a song is personally made for me. I couldn't get Robert Sheehan to sing his "The Great Beyond" for me, let alone my lil sis to sing me happy birthday... but guess what I got Elmo from Sesame Street to sing for me!
which is actually for Kids personalized music ( everyone enjoys music including me uhuhum..)
Use code: myelmo
Choose your a name or your child’s name, click Next, then choose “I just want my free tracks” to download. NOTE: May not work properly with Firefox Browser

elmo and his friends will then use the name you chose to create the track! I had made mine and even made a few for my friends and am glad to say they enjoyed it with me haha!!
so what are you waiting for? create one for your niece, nephew, parents etc...and have a great singalong!!!


ayet said...

it has tons of downloadable kids music and you can also print song lyrics so your child can sing along.