Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free Celebrity autographed Photo mailed in

Can't get enough of your celebrities? well, me too!

wherein I requested autographed photos of chosen celebrities and they are totally free even the shipping!

NOTE: Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of free pictures.

here are my photos :

can you recognize them?
Looks like they have added a couple more celebrities at their website :
Billy Zane
Brian Wilson (Photo not available)
Charlie Sheen
Christy Turlington
Dawnn Lewis (Photos Not Free ~ Charging $7.00 & $8.00)
Forest Whitaker
Hector Elizondo
Jennifer Beals
Jess Walton (Photo Not Free ~ Charging $10.00)
Joe Cocker
John Goodman (Photo not available)
Kelly Preston
Kevin Bacon
Laura San Giacomo
Lita Ford (Photo not available)
Marina Sirtis
Ralph Fiennes
Vince Vaughn
Violent Femmes (Photo not available)
Anna Paquin
Elijah Wood
Samuel L. Jackson
Alec Baldwin
Ashton Kutcher NEW PHOTO

well, speaking of celebrities, do you know Robert Sheehan?

If not, dont worry! i'll be blogging about him soon :P.

An irish star from misfits, Demons Never Die, Killing Bono, CherryBomb etc, you could also send him a fan mail and autograph requests visit


steffie said...

Jcbi, for the Cubik Eyewear contest (at, sorry but the blog needs to at least be 6 months old. Sayang nga. :/ How about this: you can ask a fellow blogger to blog for you! :)