Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to start streamlining a process - Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma. What is it? 

It is a methodology for delivering tangible business value by systemtically improving peformance of existing processes and enchancing capital projects. It is more than a set of tools. It is a discipline. It is used by project management and disciplined processes (DMAIC).

We have been hearing a lot about this methodology that is being used by a lot of big manufacturing companies. Here is a fun fact:
Lean Methodology was created by Toyota.
Six Sigma was created by Motorola and made popular by Motorola.

As a start, lean six sigma looks at a certain process and checks if there are any "wastes". Waste in this sentence covers:
1. Defects
2. Overproduction
3. Waiting
4. Not using people well
5. Transportation
6. Inventory
7. Motion
8. Excess - Processing

You have to be well versed and aware what should your service be. Look at your current process and check where are the downtime and fix it from there.

***Information presented in this blog is retrieved from a seminar/ training I had for Lean Six Sigma - Overview.


Anonymous said...

wow, you're so lucky you have at least an overview about LSS.