Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My photobook experience - FotoSnaps

I was looking for a nice personal gift for my partner since it was our 4th "anniversary". My kind sister gave me a gift certificate/ voucher that entitles me to a 6X8 Photobook. 

In summary, my experience with Fotosnaps was great. 
1. FAST service. I got my book within a day. I submitted it saturday and got it monday.
2. CLEAR instructions. The software that they are using is very user friendly and easy to use. I had no problems making my decorations. 
3. NICE PACKAGING. i got my photobook inside a box wrapped with bubble wrap. I liked that they valued my memories as much I did. 
4. PERFECT finish. My photobook looked exactly as how i designed it. I loved the colors and there were no distortions. 

I would definitely use Fotosnaps again for my future events. check them out. 

Let me know how your experience was like. Do make use of the deals in the different deal sites sometimes they do have fotosnaps promos. Happy day!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I just wanted to share my experience. 


abs said...

like. :) said...

Thank you for using FotoSnaps. We're glad you liked and enjoyed the experience of making a photo book of your precious memories with FotoSnaps. Looking forward to printing more photo book projects from you soon. Have a great day!

p said...

I'm glad you had a good experience back in 2011. However my recent encounter with them (June 2013) leaves much to be desired.

1. The voucher I purchased from them arrived in my email 5 days after I paid for it instead of the advertised 2 days.
2. I uploaded my photobook on May 31 and to this day June 13, it is still "in production".
3. When they find perceived errors in the resolution and brightness, they'll tell you to fix it yourself and even charge you a Php150 fee!

Their customer service respond quickly via email but the delivery of the final product is unreliable.
I was supposed to give mine as a wedding gift but the couple has already returned from their honeymoon and I still don't have the photobook!

Jeatte Go said...

Hi P, should have complained this to upper management. they should have at least apologized and gave you freebies for your inconvenience... :(

it really depends on the person who handle your request, sadly a bad experience from a person can ruin a good reputation they had.

Kath said...

I just googled fotosnaps review and I stumbled on your site. I just wanna ask if its normal that after uploading the photobook and checking the "preview" on how your photo book will look like, the photos looks so pixelated? but those are all high quality photos. :(

Jeatte Go said...

Hi kath,

Actually the same thing happened to my best friend. She had high res photos but when she previewed them in the software...its pixel-ated. When I saw what she printed, its a bit pixel-ated. She was not all happy but it was okay (since she purchased via deal site). This is what shocked me. My photobook looked better than hers. I don't know if its because the photos I took were taken by SLR and hers by digicam (with high res).

tina said...

It was a horrible experience for me too. I used to love their service. Recommended it to over 20 friends and relatives (who all had books printed). Last December I bought a photo book. Til now, Feb. 26, 2015 I do not have my photo book. Their customer service is horrible! The girl, Angie, replied to my email "If you want to answer and accommodate all your queries, please be patience enough due to we are following the procedures to get the details first before we give instructions. We hope YOU coordinate with us well." (Yes, that is verbatim, even the wrong grammar)

Jeatte Go said...

Hi Tina!

Whoa. POOR customer service and product delivery. I havent used their service since.

I (and my friends) have been using Photobook Worldwide, availing of promotions in Metrodeal. Have been using it since early this year, we are happy with it. :)

Chol Marquez said...

Oh GOsh!I wish I read this review before purchasing from this site. Fotosnaps 2015 is getting worst. Poor response on customer service. The production is slow. Submitted the book 2 weeks ago but no delivery of book came up to this day.

K. Montesclaros said...

I also had a good transaction with them before and even recommended them to friends and relatives but I'm getting really dissapointed with their service this time. Submitted my projects 3 weeks ago and I still haven't receive anything yet though the vouchers I got mentioned that delivery will be within 7 days. Management should do something about these complaints.

dan omo said...

i purchased a voucher from ensogo last july..

it says there it has freebies, but when i send an email to their online support, they said

FotoSnaps - 17 mins ago
Hello Ma'am, Apologize for the confusions. That is only for 40 + 8 free additional pages. Thank you, Glad

false advertising

Anonymous said...

@dan omo: have u not even thought for awhile that the freebie they are talking about is the 8 FREE additional pages already? How specific would you want them to be?

I dont think it's false advertising. It's how the person interprets it....

Jam said...

Should have read this before I purchased a book. My book was submitted last Nov 25, 2015 and up until now, I still don't have it. What I'm getting for the past few days is that the book will be delivered within 48 hours (since Dec 4). I wonder how many 48 hours do they still need before they deliver the item. Sad thing is, it was suppose to be a gift for someone who will move to another country for work. She's already there working and still I don't have the book.

Anonymous said...

Photobook Worldwide is far more better to their services. I submitted my order at friday afternoon, it delivered to the Philippines on the next Monday and delivered to my doorstep at Tuesday by DHL.

Jeatte Go said...

Hi Anonymous,

Likewise. I have been using Photobook Worldwide ever since they had promotions. I am more happy with their service and output than FotoSnaps.

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