Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Toro Degustation experience - The Fort

Had an amazing lunch date with my aunt at Toro. We tried their Degustation Menu. It was a good meal at a reasonable price. We bought this voucher from Deal Grocer that made this sweet deal even sweeter.

Ambiance of the place: Not that awesome during lunch as compared to dinner time
Lighting of the place: Bit to bright. Too exposed from the outside.
Space: Just right. Not crammed.
Room temperature: Not warm. Not cold. Just right.
Overall experience: 7 out of 10. 
Pricey: Yes. But filling.
Taste: Fresh taste. No strong flavors.

Degustation Menu
Awesome wall art.
Ceiling Light
Table condiments



Salmon Nigiri - MUST TRY! Very fresh taste. AWESOME.

Salmon Nigiri - tester version. refer above for the ala carte version.
"Snack" Platter

Nori-chos - did not leave much impact. Fun snack.

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice - rice is a bit too much. Snack type of food.

Volcano Maki - really awesome! Had to order the ala carte version. really tasty! spicy yet you can still taste the fish. MUST TRY!

Volcano Maki. Refer above for the ala carte version.
Toro Maki - the star of the meal. It is supposedly the priciest of all. But it tasted ordinary. Volcano maki is way much better.

Gyoza - warm and tasteful gyoza.

Salmon in Caper Sauce - Nothing extraordinary. Tasted like a normal salmon dish. It had a number of sauces mixed together.

Age Dashi Tofu - typical tofu.

Ebi Tempura Tartare - not really enjoyable. Plain.

Spicy Beef Fire Bowl. Almost didnt make it at this point. Really full. Beef was tender. Tasty.

For Dessert:
Snicker doodle :D - tequila with crushed snickers at the bottom. Yum!

Turtle pie - absolutely chocolatey! Trivia: its called a turle pie because of its turtle shell like design.
Toro Restaurant and Bar
Unit 6, Ground Floor
One McKinley Place
4th Avenue between 25th and 26th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(Behind MINI Cooper Showroom)

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday
12NN-3PM, 6PM-12MN
Friday & Saturday
12NN-3PM, 6PM-2AM

Happy tripping! :)


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