Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rising Star, Robert Michael Sheehan

All the pictures of Robert Sheehan I have here are from his few movies and series: Killing Bono, Red Riding, Cherrybomb, and of course, misfits. I have just tweaked them up a bit. As if Robert needs some refinements, which obviously he does not! I just simply wanted to show some tribute, and hope i lived it up! He is beyond compare, perfect :)

There are also a great number of fan bases of Robert on twitter here are just to name some: @_RobSheehanFans, @BrandSheehan23,@SheehanSociety ,@RobSheehanDaily, @nathanmisfits,all misfits cast has their account so check it out!
Suprisingly, do you know who's @RobMSheehan it's Robert himself! But he doesn't use his account .... he has just tweeted once.
Just today, I found out that e4 released a misfits app on iPod/iPad...and best of all, it's free ( yay!!) The game allows players to choose the cast as their mentor during their stay on community service. But not to get Robert Sheehan's fans hope up, Nathan Young is already replaced by a new character, Joe Gilgun. That may just throw away our chance, fans of Nathan/ Robert to ally with Nathan in the game aww...:( btw, if you play the game, please put your friend code on the comments bar and I will add you :) I'm lulu, in case you guys want to add me and it will really be appreciated :P let's have a fun stay at our community service, with our new superpowers, melonfuckahs!!!


Rhian said...

WOW!!! ....JUST WOW!!!!!! :O)

abs said...

haha i know why you like this actor... he looks like bjorn andersen! :) na dirty looking lang haha :)