Monday, October 31, 2011

Taal Volcano Trekking - Tips and Narration

Taal Trekking is like no other trekking adventure I've been to. To get access to this, you just have to rent a boat and ensure that you have a guide to go with you. It's helpful if you have someone you can talk to who knows the place, plus someone who can take photos of you. The good thing about this tour is that there is no schedule, you can just go anytime of the day and rent a boat.

As for me, I took my boat rental + guide from Taal Lake Yacht Club. It is located in Brgy Sta Maria. (We got lost looking for this club. O_O) It has a small billboard that can be easily passed by. So take note that its in Brgy Sta Maria. To rent a boat + guide + parking space + nipa hut = PHP 1800. Its a pretty nice deal since the resort is secure and the boat was spacious. They also have a clean toilet and changing room. To contact them, you can call them via 043-7730193.

Important tips to remember if ever you plan to go to Taal:
1. Bring small change -
                Pay PHP 50 for the tourist fee upon landing in Taal.
                Pay PHP 20 for the locals helping you land your boat.
                Pay PHP XX for your guide.
                Pay PHP 50 for Taal Golf. (refer to the image below)
                Pay PHP 50 for Buko drink.
                Pay PHP 500 for horse ride. (You can do it without horses, just remember to breathe and drinks lots of water. )

2. Essentials: (do not go here without the following)
               Lots of water, small change, hat, sunglasses, bandana (to cover tour mouth and nose), arm cover, comfy shoes, face towel, change of clothes,sunblock camera!, and some small snacks.
               Though the actual trek to the "top view" is just 40 mins one way, it is very dusty. It is painful to breathe with all the dust. Also since its open = not much trees, ensure that you have proper coverage; it can be really hot.

               Landscape is not flat. Ensure you are wearing anti slip and comfortable shoes. Clothes you can easily move with and you will not regret getting dirty.

               Have a change of clothes after the trek. Everything will be filled with dust. Ensure you have dirty bags or plastics you can place them into or else your other things will get soiled.

3. Secure all your belongings
               The trip can be quite bumpy. Ensure you have all things with you secured at all times. I lost my dear hat on the way back at the boat... wind was too strong. My hat was flown away from my head.

4. Take pictures! Experience! Breathe!
               The view is spectacular, it was a new experience for me seeing a live volcano up close an personal. Take time to take in all of God's genius. Breathe - its great to breathe the fresh air while walking. Just take note of the few winds that carry dust with them.

                Taal is very photogenic. Take lots of photos especially jump shots. Its awesome!

5. NOTE: Taal is not for the faint hearted or scented. Since a lot of tourists use horses, the way to the top is filled with horse poop. It can be pretty smelly at some parts of the trek. I personally had a hard time breathing with all the nasty scent, but thankfully on your way up, the scent is replaced with fresh mountain air.

Below are some of the pictures I took.

Ride a boat to Taal about 20-30 mins ride.

Play 'Taal golf' - shoot a golf ball to taals crater. Just PHP50.
stairs on top of the view. must take a photo here.

Taal Crater. Too bad one can no longer swim in the crater.

Must Bring Things: Water, Shades, Bandana, Hat, Comfy Shoes.

Taal from afar.