Friday, October 28, 2011

TunnelBear, abroad tv viewing

Catch your favorite shows from US and UK wherever, whenever you are.
Had enough of being late viewing your favorite shows and want to catch it live? Can’t even watch your shows because your country is not supported? or you simply hate your satellite TV?
That you result to downloading shows from the make matters worse, other sites employ some very effective geographical IP scanning, which means that unless you are physically located in the US or UK at the time of download – you can’t watch their shows.
If yes, yes…! Here’s a software I found that saved me and even you from leaving your native land..
It is a VPN. Ever heard of it? I have only recently found out about this, and didn’t think there was such a thing… Well, To use a VPN Tunnel. Your IP address will cease to be (American or whatever) based and become a UK or US one. When you want to watch or download something from,e04, iPlayer or Hulu, you just connect the VPN tunnel and start downloading. It really is that simple. :-)
I have just recently signed up for TunnelBear. its a new great and free VPN service that worked really well for me. It works for both Windows and Mac. For signing up, you get you get 500Mb of bandwidth to play with (free), which is useful for testing the service out. If you decide it’s working really well for you then the full service is a very reasonable $4.99 a month. They also have these services for your ipod/ipad for Giant TunnelBear(not free) Not to mention, they have a promo that by just tweeting about TunnelBear for every month you get 1 gb free monthly. So what are you waiting for. Go for it while they still have this going on. -> tunnelbear