Monday, November 21, 2011

Animehinasyon Cosplay Contests this Nov 2011

Its that time of the year again when Animahensyon 2011 celebrates its cosplay event. Do drop by Eastwood this week to join or simply encourage our cosplayers. 

But that's not all they also have a list of animation activities happening, check out their schedule

There are 2 cosplay contests that will happen this Nov 25, 2011:

1. Pinoy Superheroes Group Cosplay - 9-12 NN - Eastwood Open Park
Rules and Mechanics:
-Compete alongside your friends and allies against other groups for
the chance to be crowned the best group!

Criteria for Judging:

1. Creativity - how creative is your skit? Do you have tricks up your
sleeve that can mesmerize our judges?

2. Technical Consideration - Did you follow the technical limits of
the group cosplay competition? (members per team,time alloted,BGM,etc)

3. Entertainment Value - how entertaining is your skit? Did you
present yourself in full and flying colors?

Things to consider:

1. Members allowed per team: 4-10 people

2. Time alloted per team: 3-7 minutes

3. Backround music: MP3 format, please burn it on a CD

4. If you will need a Microphone,or any kind of props, please request
it from the marshals at least 2 hours before the group cosplay
performance so we can find a way for your request

5. Please consider your fellow cosplayers' safety and dont bring real
weapons, anything with sharp edges, or anything that may endanger or
hurt others. Be cautious with swinging your weapons as well!

6. If you have a special request, please ask it right away on our
fanpage on FB, or on the date of the event itself.

7. If you have any questions regarding the group cosplay
competition,then please ask on our fanpage on FB as well, or ask a
marshal on the date of the event itself.

The competitors' scores will be based on a 5-point judging system,
wherein they will be rated 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.
Each Criteria will be rated this way individually.
Afterwards, we will get the average of the 3 criterion, and the
average point is the end-score of the competitor.
The person with the highest point wins!



-Do you know a lot about Philippine Superheroes? Then this is the Quiz for you!
Ready your thinking caps this November there will be a
knowledge-battle about the Superheroes of the Philippines!


-Do you want to become a Superhero yourself?! Then start with getting
to know how to pose like one!
You will be challenged to pose like a Filipino Superhero, let’s see how
far can your SUPER factor go!


-Do you REALLY want to become a Superhero yourself?!  Then move onward
to the advanced level of our event and learn how to announce your
presence like a real Superhero!

Challenge yourself to shout out phrases like...
"DARNA!" or "CAPTAIN BARBELL!!" to combat the forces of growing evil.

2. Animehensyon Animation Cosplay - 12:30-4PM - Eastwood Open Park

Rules and Mechanics:

1) All entries costume must be derived from an Anime/Manga genre
or any Western Animation Series, be it TV Series, Movie, or OAV.
The non animation version of the costume of the same character is not allowed.
2) All contestants should be age 14 or above to compete
3) Each Cosplayer will be allocated10 to 15 seconds to be on stage,
all contestants should prepare a short skit during this time frame
4) No assistants on stage are allowed
5) No gross or explosive materials are allowed
6) Registration shall start at 12:30 pm in the designated registration
area in the Animehinasyon event and registration will end at 1:30pm.
All cosplayers should be near the stage area 30 minutes before the catwalk.

Judging Criteria:
Costume: 40\\\\\\\\\\%
Performance: 40\\\\\\\\\\%
Audience Impact: 20\\\\\\\\\\%

1st –  P 5,000
2nd – P 3,000
3rd-   P 2,000


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