Friday, November 25, 2011

How to turn on your sun cellular roaming

As travelers, we always come to point when we pause and wonder how do we turn on our roaming service. I just had this experience during my taiwan trip.

The old method was to simply text ROAM ON to 222. But a text message was sent to me and asked me to call 200 (sun hotline) instead.

Upon dialing 200, you will be led to a series of numbers.
1. Dial 1. Sun mobile services.
2. Dial 1. English help.
3. Dial your mobile number.
4. Dial 0 for an operator. Let him know of your destination.

Just tell the operator you want to turn on your roaming service. Then ask him about the existing rates and promos. There is one that os currently on going, its called sun cellular budget roaming promo. You simply call *111#, you will be redirected to a screen that lets you choose to send text messages for just php5 or make calls a little less to the original rate. Make sure you make use of this, it will surely save you a couple of tens.

Another note, once you turn on your roaming service. You no longer need to turn it off. It will automatically be activated once you leave your home country. This is one less hassle.

For more information, visit sun cellular's home page.

Hope this helped you. Happy travelling. Stay safe.


Linda said...

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abs said...

i like this post! will surely help me when i travel! :)