Monday, December 19, 2011

Yabu - The house of Katsu

There is a new addition to the list of awesome restaurants found in the great maze in Megamall, Pasig. It is found in Ground floor, Atrium, MegaMall.

Its called Yabu


Yabu claims to stand out from the rest of the Japanese food chain with its commitment to quality in ingredients to cooking method. Honestly, the service here is really good. The service waiters are really alert and knowledgable of their products. Below are some more pictures of their 'standout points'.

They hired an in house consultant to ensure that they serve the KATSU right.
KATSU = cutlet. people eat this for victory.

After checking their "adorable" menu, i decided to order their best. Its called the Kurobuta Pork Set, valued at PHP515. Almost double the price of their normal Katsudon. What is interesting about this dish is that it claims to be the world's finest pork...of course, I must try it.

Kurobuta Pork set - Loved the Japanese Rice and the Miso soup.

Decided to order one of their regular Katsudon so as to compare it with the Premium pork. I chose the Rosu Katsu Curry, valued at PHP 295. This dish is really a value for your money. It comes in a very big serving and it tastes great. I chose the HOT version, it wasnt really spicy but I loved how they made the curry. Just right.

Rosu Katsu Curry Set

compare the Premium pork (dark) with the regular pork (light)
Here is the conclusion regarding their difference:
1. Premium is undeniably softer.
2. Premium is darker in shade.
3. Premium has a more meaty/bloody taste. In the end, it has this filling after taste.
4. Premium 'set' comes with a special sauce that is created each time you order one. It is crushed sesame seeds and a special sauce.

Special Sauce
 More than the good food and service, they also had my favorite Japanese seasoning. Red orange bottle.
Overall I would say my experience with Yabu was great. I will definitely come back for more curry and more friends. Try it out! Word of caution though, given that their food choices have pretty high prices, their menu price is VAT and service charge EXCLUSIVE. So ready your wallets or credit cards. But still at the end of the day, you cannot exchange good experience with money. So my stand is EARN TO LIVE life. Its okay to spend for awesome experiences if it does induce something inside you. 

Happy tripping!


Pam said...

I want to try! Great post :)

Helen said...

SARAP. Your post made me hungry. Buti pa dito kahit pricey worth it yung serving size and taste. :)

Jiji said...

Ooh!! I want to try this new resto! :)

SaM said...

From what I know, it is illegal to put the price on the menu that is vat exclusive.