Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year’s Eve Outburst w/o Fireworks

Our house used to be the place where most of our relatives get together,our family reunion with huge feast served and lots of laughter and gift giving. There’d be endless supply of fireworks, our uncles would always be ready to set and fire. Me, my siblings and cousins amuse ourselves with luciss and whattosee.( the little red strip like thing that is thrown to the ground and when rubbed against your shoes would spark, make a crackling noise, a momentary excitement and fear.) Holiday at our place had been the most awaited event my cousins and me always anticipated for. But when my Granny passed, our family started to feel separated.

This year, might be the “exceptional” celebration we ever had. There was no grand feast that was prepared. We had Chicken Soup, and sardines. Yes, we are pathetic when our mom is not in a good mood. There was no firecrackers, no party hats, no music. I was just about to sleep from this sad sad night, when my sister amused us with her new board game. It’s Outburst Remix. It is a game of topics, there are 2 teams who had to shout at each other at one’s content. There are a number of answers for a topic and the team should get them before the time runs out. I initially thought that this might be the lousiest present she received for Christmas, the game was created at 2004 and so, it had been 8 years ago. The game is obviously old, topics are not updated and seemed to be useless. Not to mention, might be too foreign for me. However, with the following 4 hours of playing it. I clearly stood corrected. I was even the one who insisted everyone to continue playing since I had never been part of the team who won. Every time we changed teams, the team I was in wins, and the team I got into loses. I don’t know if it is me or could it be that I am just too good in giving clues to the opposing team that I manage to make them win all the time? Our household was full of noise, we were shouting, acting, humming tunes and slamming the table. In playing this, I suggest be prepared with glass of water, warm ginger drink, soothing throat candy because with the hyper shouting, everyone would end up with an inflamed throat The most boring thing I thought of, turned out to be the hightlight of our new year’s eve. And what an OuTBurst it had been! Nonetheless, I continue to wonder, when will I ever win in this game…