Monday, February 27, 2012

Fanshu Milktea - Affordable and sweet on the budget

Just awhile ago, my sister gave me a Fanshu Finest Milktea. It is as tall as the big mineral bottle. The taste is quite "tea" than "milk". Pretty even but it has bits of solid particles which I did not enjoy drinking. But for the humble price of PHP50, i would say it is a pretty good buy. Fanshu milktea is definitely budget friendly.


pauness said...

Hi ! I found your site from :)

I agree that fanshu is affordable ~ my favorite drink there is the france rose milktea and their wintermelon tea. I also like their weird mascot hahaha :))

Jeatte said...

hi pau!

I'll try their france rose milktea. once i got the chance. Thanks for the tip! :)

What 'creature' is their mascot? hahah

abs said...

hfanshu is too sweet for me.. id still go for chatime or dakasi. :) jet, you should make one for Dakasi and teaberi :)