Saturday, February 4, 2012

Garrett Popcorn - A taste of Chicago anywhere

During one of my trips to Singapore, I had the chance to try out this amazing popcorn. Garrett popcorn is definitely unique in its own. They have several flavors but among all of them, my favorite was Caramel with Macadamia. It was superb. I just had to buy one bucket and bring it back home in the Philippines. It costs about 72SGD (as far as i can remember). Though pricey, it was worth the experience. It was a good experience to share to my family back home.

It was crunchy and crispy, sweet and nutty. Give it a try! A must try! They have several Garrett stores across Singapore. The bucket (and scoop) even makes a good souvenir.

Happy tripping!


Helen said...

Parang may Chicago style popcorn din sa MOA ata. Not familiar. Basta may lata din. I used to like Chef Tony's popcorn nung college kaso sobrang daming stores biglang sumulpot. Tas feeling ko lumang stocks na yung binebenta nila. XD

Jeatte said...

Hi Helen! yup natry ko yung sa MOA. okay siya, fresh. pero medyo typical lasa. The best pa rin ang Garrett sa akin. hehehe

Nadia Cayco said...

I love this so much! But it's too damn expensive!

Jeatte said...

Sobra di ba nadj! hahaha. oh well, but next time i go to SG. i'll buy another. :P hehehe. minsan minsan lang naman eh. hehehe