Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Miles Getaway! - Use your PAL miles wisely

A frequent traveller? A fan of the airline called Philippine Airlines? If you are both, then you are most probably one of the target audiences of PAL's latest promo called : "Great Miles Getaway". Basically its a promotion where your miles can actually travel more than its worth. As the site's say, "50% less on its miles".

It covers both domestic and international flights. International flights are for two way trips while for domestic it is only one way. Word of advise from my experienced aunt who had a similar experience, "TRAVEL FIRST CLASS." She said its not that worth it if you use it to purchase a economy class flight since the EXCLUSIVE charges (fuel, tax, etc) are quite big. I suggest you visit their site to find out more and get the most out of your trips this year. Visit for more information. Or call any of the PAL ticketing offices to find out more.

Below is a screenshot of the international flights included in this promo - for your quick view. Happy tripping!


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