Saturday, February 4, 2012

Muji's treat for the "sweet tooths"

Are you a fan of things simple yet elegant in style? Things that may seem ordinary yet is extraordinary?

There is such a place that offers these things. For me, it is MUJI. It is a Japanese store that sells essentials from clothes, furnitures, food, and toiletries. What makes MUJI different from the rest is that all of its designs are SIMPLE. Very simple yet when you analyze it, it is perfect the way it is. No extra lines. Just clean and simple. Though Muji is quite pricey compared to the average retail store in Manila, i can assure you that their products are of quality. It is worth the price.

Anyway, I was lucky to receive a yummy gift from a friend last christmas. Its is called STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW. It is really yummy and light to eat. Very chewy and sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings. Try it out! I recommend it. haha.


Helen said...

Japan makes the best chocolates! Meiji, Royce, etc. ♥