Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend of everything that flies!

My awesome adventure as a photographer starts... some day after today. :P I realized how important it was to test your camera/hardware first before going to the field. I had a very 'interesting' experience at the Hot Air Balloon Festival this 2012. I had my professional camera (which i borrowed), food, clothing all ready... when I was the field that was when I realized that the camera on my had was different from the camera that I'm used to. I really had a hard time taking "nice" shots.

Lesson!!! Practice and know your hardware before going into action.

It was my first time at the hot air balloon festival, I even got lost. Missed the first exit to Clark and ended up asking the locals for directions. But I did made it before the balloons went up. There was a lot of technical difficulties that happened this day, the balloons went up at 6 am instead of 5 am. Rain drizzled. Windy. I used my Photographer's pass to get close to the balloon site, I even rode the hot air balloon. Yey! Note: Go the site with friends. I went there alone that is why i don't have pictures with the balloon. Also for first timers, buy the VIP Pass. Way much cooler. 

Below is a photo taken by my younger sister. The photos I took will be posted soon... have to get them out of the camera.