Friday, April 20, 2012

melo angus steak house review

Early this morning, I had a lunch date with my younger sister. We finally tried the renowned Angus steak by Melo's which was rumored to melt in your mouth. But that is not all that we tried, we tried their 4 course meal. :) Was able to get a bargain by buying this from a deal site.

Overall feedback:
Service - 5 out 5. Really attentive and informative waiters.
Ambiance- 5 out of 5. Good feel and music. Great for intimate events.
Place - 4 out of 5. Big spacious restaurant. Clean. Located across ABS CBN.
Food: Taste - 3 out 5. Not really amazed of the dishes served. Expected more from Melo. Food taste was pretty common. Food always served warm and just after finishing the dish.
Food: Worth - 4 out of 5. A bit pricey in terms of serving size.

Started off with a plate of chicken liver with crunchy bread. It was peppery and heavy. It was really meaty in taste and the was enough to fill me.

Next was some bread and European butter. Butter was not creamy. Fresj baked bread was soft and light, it was even fun to separate. :)

To kick start the meal, we had pumpkin soup with crab sticks and croutons. Sadly, it was really bland. It was too watery and I can't taste the pumpkin. Instead the taste of the crab overwhelmed the pumpkin.

Followed by a beautiful plate of Caesar salad. It did not have much dressing, and was a bit too salty for my liking.

For our main course, my sister had the angus steak. While i had some grilled salmon. Both were served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes gravy, corn, and some steamed veggies. My sister's steak was medium rare. It was nicely cook and not much fat was in it. It was tender and tasty. Good meal. My salmon was also done perfectly. It was really tasty and did not have that fishy smell. It was light and rich.

We had a good lunch at Melo's, would certainly come back for their steak. I really enjoyed the great service. It was really lovely. :)

Try it out, Happy tripping. :)