Saturday, April 21, 2012

My first encounter with Singapore

I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore December last year. It was definitely worth the expensive airfare. given that it was near Christmas, I had to strategically plan for my trip to SG. luckily my companions were pretty familiar with SG, actually it was like they were just touring me around. I had plenty of new experiences and experiences that i have yet to try when I come back.

let me narrate to you how my 4d/3n trip went. hope this will help you in your SG trip.

accommodation: YMCA. clean hostel, cozy wash room, private towels/dryer/aircon. good location very near the mtr and a mini mall. good complimentary breakfast. note: make sure to inform them exactly how many are you in the party. We had a problem with this.

Transportation to and from airport: taxi. very convenient since they speak English well.

budget: Php 30-50,000 depends on how much you got your airfare.

attire: wear comfortable and light clothes. weather is quite hot, jackets and jeans are not necessary.

travelers note: when buying expensive items make sure to purchase it from accredited merchants so that you can ask for a tax refund on your way back to your home country. refer to my other post for a complete walkthrough. simply ask the merchant for a tax refund form when purchasing and claim your refund at the airport.

day 1: from airport took taxi to YMCA. checked in. left YMCA, walked to the nearby mall to eat lunch. ate at the world renowned dumpling place - Din Tai Fung. after lunch, went to merlion mom and baby. took pictures under the bridge and went to Singapore flyer. Rode cab to to marina bay sands, enjoyed the cartier and titanic exhibit at the art and science museum. finally we watched the wicked musical. took cab and went to a known hawker place and ate their black pepper crab and chili crab. after dinner, went home and slept.

day 2: ate breakfast. went to universal studios, bought the fast pass: rode battlestar galactica xylon and human, the mummy, transformers, lights and sounds, monsters rock, Jurassic park. rode mtr to sentosa, took pictures of dad merlion. rode the buggy and walker. watched the Oscar and friends show. ate at food republic.

day 3: went to china town. shopped for souvenirs and toys. bought pork jerky. went to national geographic center. ate yummy cake. shopped around the mall. dinner at food republic.

day 4: went to airport.

Happy tripping! :)

PS: Photos will follow. Had them in my friend's camera. T_T.


Anonymous said...

Hello, what do you mean by infotming them how many you are? Could you elaborate what happened? Planning to sneak in our kid who is beyond 12 since he's small for his age.

Jeatte Go said...

But for a kid, I think its okay to sneak him in. Just my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Very helpful. You were asked to pay during check-in but the 2 didn't push through and went out? You can delete the above comment though for your protection too. :)

Jeatte Go said...

Yup! :D