Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cafe France Breakfast - Nice Place to Chill in the Morning

Cafe France once known as DeliFrance... Affordable french food.

This cafe is well known for their variety of bread. Now under new management, they have also expanded their menu. I recently had the chance to try their breakfast menu. Specifically their new special "Norwegian Salmon Omelet" [PHP 250]. It comes with your choice of fruit juice and bread. I chose, four seasons juice and the croissant. It was a good complement for my raw salmon. There was a right combination of salt and sweet.

My companion chose to eat a chicken with B├ęchamel sauce [PHP185] and hot chocolate [PHP 85]. The hot chocolate was exquisite, very rich and tasty. But the chicken was absolutely wonderful. It tastes sweet and perfectly filling. I highly recommend this dish.

Though Cafe France does not have that quiet private space for their diners. It is still a great place to chill and meet with friends. The staff are helpful and the menu is good. Try it out on your next breakfast trip.

Happy tripping! :)


Anonymous said...

Dahil jan, i will have breakfast there tom! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow, i'll try this too :))

Jeatte Go said...

great :D hope you like it tooooooo <3