Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Stuff in Your Free time

just sharing these amazing tunes by @hexachordal / Tom Milsom :)

I’ve listed the sites I myself go to during mybreak/bored/extra time to get free stuff from the net.  It’s actually very simple and you’ll even be surprised on how lucky you may be from simple a RT.
If you are unsure or insecure of giving a few details in the web, you might want to read these first. rest assured, from my experience with these sites, there hasn’t been any problem.

1.    Twitter
( my top one since it’s the most  easy, effortless and it’s not Facebook )You probably already have a twitter account and might see some RT competitions on your timeline. And it’s just a click of the retweet button and wouldn’t even waste any of your time.
You can also use your Search tab on twitterlike : typing in : RT to win; Contest, competition, giveaways, sweepstakes  (try worldwide or locally)

 Yup, You might see me RT’ing some of this. So, Follow me if you want @victorialulu

 <- You can click on the image to directly go to twitter and see the current RT contests.

So far, I won a couple. I got a haywirehoodie, Demons Never Die posters and soundtrack, pillow theory and Robert Sheehan shirt, (all of which were delivered straight to me since these competitions are worldwide) ....some goodies from StarworldPH( but since I have to go drop by at their place to claim the prize and don’t have the time, I never got it. )-does that say something about our country or.. me?
Most of the time since these companies and people would want to spread themselves to the world with their promos and products that they’d be glad to host a RT contest and even reply to your questions, they are very accommodating.
You have to read the terms. Note if it’s open worldwide (to be shipped to you wherever you are) Usually, If you won they’d be mentioning you(tweeting you) or they’d send you a DM (Direct Message)

WARNING: The following sites might make you a Freebie Junkie 

Home of the FirstReal Freebie Site where everything listed on our site is always 100% Free andthere's never a hassle to sign up for anything!  You won't have tocomplete another offer to receive your free stuff, and you won't find any ofthose "yes-yes," "no-no," type questionnaires here either.  Those aren't real freebies and we just don't put them on our site!If you're newto the freebie world, or even a seasoned freebie lover, you might want to checkout our "Guide toMaking the Life of a Freebie Junkie Easier."   You'll findinformation on how to get started and search for freebies, and tips to makesearching for freebies easier.   It's a good place to start and candefinitely make your search for freebies more pleasurable :)” --taken from thesite

also great like twisted branches since people are accommodating and there are tons of comments


For Philippine freebies, promos and contest

I also got a lot from these sites and some ofthem were posted on this blog. Like flashdrives,candies,books, mag and etc… elmo's song , humane international tattoo, celeb autographsHopefully, I shared something a bit worthwhile for you and please don’t blame me if I accidentally made you into a freebie junkie.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Any more sites to add? How'd you find these sites?  Please comment so that I can make this list even longer.