Monday, May 21, 2012

The Guam experience

My mom and I suddenly had the urge to go to Guam. We spent 4 days in the wonderful city of Guam, but it was not all nice and friendly as I thought it would. An stupid mistake my money stolen when i left my cash in the tour van. I assumed it was safe and secured... apparently not.

But overall my Guam experience was lovely. Read more for the complete story.

Airline Carrier: 
We flew through Philippine Airline [PAL], March 16 - 20, 2012. Our ticket cost USD390 per person. We flew at 10:15 PM and arrived 4 AM [Guam Time]. Guam is advanced one hour compared to the time in manila. So the flight was roughly 5 hours, no bad for a trip to a US state. 


We stayed for 3 nights at the Palm Ridge Inn at 122 Hasalao Street, Route 8, Barrigada, Guam. [Contact Number +16714723001] One night cost USD 66. We stayed a Twin Room, it was spacious enough for me and my mom. The air condition was certainly pleasant given the warm weather. The bed sheets were clean since I did not get any bed bites. The major bad thing about this place was that it did not have any warm water. :( But even though it was near the airport [5-10 mins away], the plane noises did not bother us.

The main means of transportation here are either shuttles, taxis, or trolley's. Since taxi's are really expensive you have to always look for hotels that offer shuttles to and from at least Duty Free or any main shopping destination. Then take trolleys around, they have schedules so take note of them. One ride costs $3.
Did not find anything spectacular about the food. But they did have a lot of variety. They have chinese, vietnamese, american, italian, etc.. since its a tourist destination, you will find most of the world known restaurants. The images below are from a Vietnamese Restaurant near the Ramada hotel, some precooked meals from grocery, and a korean restaurant at a mall. One dish that was highly recommended that i did not get to try was the Chamorro BBQ.


Shopping and Grocery:
Guam as a lot of shopping malls and they are very accessible. My personal favorite is the Micronesia mall since it has a lot variety. They have malls by Henry Sy, founder of SM. You will have lots of  choices here ranging from luxury to average malls. For groceries, I love K Mart! You can ride a trolley from Duty free to here.

How to roam around Guam:
Since Guam is really small, you can join tours to see the best places in Guam the fastest way. My mom and I chose to go with Discovery Guam's best day tour we paid $170 for two people. Below are some of the snapshots I took from our trip. We had a very cunning english speaking local guide, he was very knowledgable. We took the Island Discovery Tour + Fish Eye. So we went to FIsh eye [underwater conservatory], drove around the villages in southern and central Guam, Capitol of Hagatna, Plaza de Espana, Latte Stone Park, Fort Santa Agueda, Asan Bay Overlook, and Two Lovers Point [ nice view]. On my next visit I will definitely do a trek at Mount Lam Lam [tallest mountain in the world].  


Lessons Learned:
1. Do not trust anyone just because you are in a US land. People can still cheat.
2. Stay in a hotel with shuttle services.
3. Wear comfortable clothes.

Happy trippinG!