Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kit Kat Green Tea - Happiness during breaks

I usually use the term "happiness" to express my satisfaction over something. Nowadays, its very hard to find that thing that can satisfy me for longer than 2 tries. Amazingly, my happiness list keeps growing longer as the days pass by. And it makes me happy. :)

Besides the hash brown, tapa flakes, bacon, zucchini dates.. another one adds to the list. Its Kit Kat Green Tea. I had my first taste last friday, when a friend gave me a bar. And wow it did contain a subtle taste of green tea at every bite. It was a relaxing snack during breaks. We were able buy a pack of 12 bars for PHP 220 at a local Japanese store near Little Tokyo, Makati. Roughly costing PHP 18 per bar.

A friend of mine, luckily gave me 2 bars as a souvenir from the Japan airport she has been too. And its quite lovely. I really enjoy this snack and will buy some more for those lonely days. hahaha.

Try it out! Happy tripping! :)