Friday, May 11, 2012

Kogi Bulgogi Review - Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo

Affordable korean food.

Had dinner with friends at the newest Lucky Chinatown Mall. We ate at the Kogi Bulgogi restaurant located at the center of the mall. You cannot miss it.

Overall rating is 3 out of 5.
Taste is not exactly appetizing nor is it yummy. Its pretty dull and full of peppery taste. Thus a 3.
Price is reasonable. Not pricey just right for the serving size.
Ambiance - Place is open thus the ambiance is quite off for private occasions.
Service is not too bad yet nor is too good. Waiters are attentive but due to the number of people it might take some time for your order to be taken.

We had the following for dinner:
Bulgogi Bap - PHP 225
Salmon Bibimbap - PHP 175
Yuk Hoi Dulsot Bibimbap (Raw Beef) - PHP 188

They serve house tea if you asked for it. Their speciality as their name is called is their Bulgogi. Though its not as tasty as it might sound. At first, they serve you some appetizers to get your stomach ready...nothing special except for the yummy kimchi. Then its off to the main courses.

The Bulgogi Bap is simply Bulgogi with rice. Both the salmon and raw beef mixed rice is served in stoneware. Its served hot and with raw eggs. You are also given a red chili paste to give a kick to your dish. Sadly both dishes taste more of the pepper than the meat. It is a bit dull and lacks flavor.

In the end, it was still a good meal shared with good friends. An experience worth sharing. Feel free to try it, you might enjoy it.

Tip: Try their SSAMBAP and Melona [PHP 40]. The korean melona ice cream is the best dessert at a summer day. In my family, we buy melona in boxes.

Happy tripping. :)