Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinterest - my virtual board

I have this newly found addiction... PINTEREST. It is what's keeping me awake at night, making me dream, helping me plan out things, Basically it changed me. Made me to look for more inspirations in life. I used to save cool, inspiring images at my local workspace. But now with Pinterest, i can look for people like me and share intellectual moving things with each other. I absolutely love this concept by pinterest. No only does it make my dream board accessible anywhere by making it virtual, but i can share ideas with the world.

Add me up! Let us color the world with passion and life. :D just comment your Email address below if you want to join the awesome community of Pinterest, since you need an invitation to join. I'll be glad to invite you. :)


Anonymous said...

i want to give pinterest a try. pls send me an invite. I've tried requesting one from them but i think it'll probably take forever. here's my email ad: Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could you please send me an invite to Pinterest as well? I would really appreciate it!

Jeatte Go said...

Hi there :)

I sent you an invite already. See you in the Pinterest space. enjoy. :)

Kasia N said...

do you have an extra pinterest invite by any chance? I'd really appreciate it!